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Definition Insurance

Posted on: Januari 5, 2011

Understanding Insurance
In Indonesia, for a term often used the term insurance coverage, these two terms seem to follow the terms in the Dutch language, Namely assurantie (insurance) and verzekering (coverage). Indeed insurance in Indonesia started from the Netherlands. In the UK used the term insurance and assurance that have the same sense. Term insurance is used for term life insurance while uuurance used for life insurance.

Based on the Ancient roots, the sense understood in terms of economic insurance is insurance is a financial institution for through insurance can gather large amounts of funds, to finance the construction of which could benefit the community in addition to participating in the insurance business, because the real purpose of insurance to provide protection (protection ) for the financial loss (financial loss) caused by previously unforeseen events. (1992:40).
According to article 246 of Act Book of Commercial Law (Commercial code), insurance has an idea as follows: Insurance or coverage is suafu approval, where the self-insurer to the insured losses, with a premium, to compensate the loss of loss or not obtaining an expected profit , which can suffer because of events that are not known in advance.

Definition of Insurance under the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 2 of 1992: “Insurance or Coverage is an agreement between two or more parties, by which the insurer is binding to the insured to receive insurance premiums, to provide reimbursement to the insured for loss, damage or loss of profits expected, or legal liability to third parties that may be suffered by the insured, arising from an event that is uncertain, or to provide a payment based on death or life of an insured person.

Macam-Macam Insurance
Insurance can be divided into several types, among others:
Two major branches of marine cargo insurance, Namely:
1. Marine Cargo Insurance.
2. Inland Marine Cargo Insurance.

Fire insurance is insurance that aim to protect from fire hazards.
Credit insurance, types of credit insurance, Namely:
l. Accounts Receivable Insurance.
2. Deposit Insurance.
3. Loan Credit Insurance.
4. Bond Insurance.
5. Warranty Insurance International business.
6. Trade Credit Insurance Products in the State.
Health insurance, health insurance aim is to pay the cost of hospital fees
mengsanti treatment and the insured for any loss of revenue losses due to injuries from accidents or illness.

Social insurance is a tool to raise the risk of moving them to the organization that usually is a governmental organization, which is required by law to provide financial benefits or services to or on behalf of insured persons who were on wakfu occurrence of certain losses


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