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Pertamina EP Oil Production Increases

Posted on: Mei 27, 2010

Wells P-399 EP-run Pertamina Rantau Field successfully producing oil at 550 barrels per day since May 11, 2010 last. According to Field Manager Field Rantau Pertamina EP, Toto Suhartono, production exceeded previous expectations, that is only 160 thousand barrels per day.

“All thanks to the support of local governments, the Executing Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPMIGAS), and Pertamina Drilling Service Indonesia,” said Toto in Aceh, Wednesday (19 / 5).

Wells located in the village of Rantau Estate, District of Rantau, Aceh Tamiang district, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam has started ditajak 18 April 2010. P-399 wells are development wells. Oil produced from the wells flowed to the collection station (SP) is local, then transferred to a collection center in Rantau production. This oil was then transferred to the base milk for shipment.

P-399 drilling had been delayed because changes in the licensing process, environmental management efforts of environmental monitoring (UKL-UPL). In accordance with Law No.. 32 Year 2009 on the Protection and Management of the Environment, UKL-UPL approval authority, previously owned by the Directorate General of Oil and Gas is transferred to local governments.

Responding to these conditions, BPMIGAS Representative in North Sumatera (Sumatra) with Pertamina EP Rantau Field coordination with the Environment Agency and Hygiene (BLHK) Tamiang Aceh Regency. After the presentations and field visits, BLHK Aceh Tamiang grant approval for the UKL-UPL these documents on March 29, 2010. This document became the UKL-UPL are first approved by the local government within the territory of Sumatra.

source: bpmigas.com


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