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Posted on: Mei 27, 2010

Several major problems stems from the question of money. How to get the money safely, without having to knock the rules or exorbitant interest rates?

Children enter school, college, medical needs, need capital to do business, and a long list of other problems it seemed urgent. Various financial institutions are promising a variety of easy to get fresh funds. But not mistake in choosing institutions that match your conditions.

Some agencies sometimes offer convenience at the beginning of the transaction. However, the tail is sometimes difficult. Whether the interest continues to strangle or greater interest receivables from loans. Obviously this is not a profitable option.

Institutions that provide various services, namely Pawnshop. There are various options that can be selected to receive funding according to need.

Here’s a list of products Pawnshop;

1. Installment credit Fiduciary Systems (Creative)
Creative or fiduciary system installment loan is a loan to micro-entrepreneurs (small business development in order) with the guarantee scheme in fiduciary and loan repayment made through installments per month within 12-36 months janga credit.

2. Ar Rahn Credit for Micro Enterprises (Arrum)
To meet the market demand for sharia-based business loans, has launched Credit for micro-entrepreneurs Ar Rahn (Arrum) a credit scheme similar to Creative.

Obtaining credit by way of surrender Books Motor Vehicle Ownership (BPKP) as collateral with the loan interest rate 0.9 percent per month, flat.

Credit creation is the modification of old products formerly known under the name Loan Pawnshop Business Feasibility.

3. Sharia Pledge (Rahn)
Rahn is a pledge of service products that are based on sharia principles with reference to a modern administrative system.

Of its loans are the same as conventional mortgage / KCA, but differ in the process of capital leases. Islamic Pawn To determine administrative costs paid in advance, ie when the new contract / contract extension Rp1.000 as low and as high as Rp60 thousand for a maximum loan amount to Rp200 million.

Ijaroh tariffs charged Rp85 per ten days of mass deviations for each multiple of Rp10 thousand of the estimated collateral deposited goods / pledged.

4. Installment Loan Pawn System (Krasida)
Krasida is granting loans to entrepreneurs mikrokecil
(In the context of business development) on the basis of lien. Dilkaukan loan repayment through installments per month with 12 credit period to 36 months, and providing discounts for capital leases may be granted if the customer make payment credit simultaneously. Interest is set at 0.9 percent per month, flat.

5. Business Credit Households (Krista)
Since June 2006 have been launched Krista for women entrepreneurs who are members of business groups. The minimum loan amount maximum of Rp1 million to Rp100 thousand, with a term of 12 months. Imposed a one percent interest, the flat.

6. Non Governmental Housing Loan (Kremada)
Credit was launched in December 2006, be given to low income people to build or rehab / repair of houses.

For new buildings are given a maximum loan of Rp10 million, while the rehab / perbaikian home loans granted amounted to Rp 5 million. These loans customers nine percent administrative fee paid in advance, and zero percent capital lease. Funding of this product in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing.

7. Pawn Exchange (Investa)
Pledged securities representing loans to people with collateral in the form of shares with a pledge system.

8. Noble
Is the sale of gold by the Pawnshop to the community in cash or in installments over a specified time janga. Honor is a product of sharia, which was launched in 2008. In the first year of launch, this product is quite a good response from customers.

sumber: http://www.pegadaian.com


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