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Posted on: Mei 25, 2010

SMEs still dominate the retail sector financing disbursed Bank. In fact, the next portion of disbursement will be continually added.

Area Manager East Java, Bali NUSRA Muamalat Setiabudi said that the composition of the retail sector and the remaining 58 percent of the corporation. Target, could rise to 65 percent of the targeted financing in 2010 amounted to Rp 1.2 trillion. Until April 2010, a new disbursement of Rp 843 billion.
“We expansionary financing for real sector began to move, especially the actors home industry and trade,” said Setiabudi, last week.
The growth of the real sector is to make Bank Muamalat add convenience to the micro and medium entrepreneurs to pick up the ball and lower the interest level up an alias for the results in the range of 12 percent, from 13-14 percent previously.

“All the effort that he run feasible we must be financed regardless of omzetnya. We are approaching the customers, although it has not been able to meet our mortgage lending aids offered by Baitul Maal Muamalat, our subsidiaries, “he explained.

Financing is still potentially be funded is trade, started a grocery merchant in traditional markets, traders scale household kiosks, food vendors who use carts, so that kind of service sector convection.

“The biggest uptake is still in working capital financing. If financing animonya investment is still small. This year should grow, given several other sectors also bergeliat, “said Setiabudi.
Third party funding (DPK) in 2010 is expected to penetrate a minimum of Rp 1.3 trillion, until the end of December 2009 was USD 900 billion. “Islamic banks to finance trend focuses primarily retail. LDR is currently 76 percent, until the end of his hopes could be 96 percent, “he added.

To accelerate the expansion of financing and funding, the Bank Muamalat also expanded its network. “In the area of East Java, will open 25 new branches. Currently, the number of existing offices in the area of East Java, Bali NUSRA much as 75 units, “he said.

source: http://www.suryaonline.com


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