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LPG users 3Kg In Makassar Insured Pertamina

Posted on: Mei 25, 2010

Makassar, Tambangnews.com. – PT Pertamina plans to insure the three kilograms of LPG users, said Pertamina Makassar Public Relations, Rosinah Nurdin, Sunday (16 / 5) night in Makassar.

For insurance, the company states it took PT Tugu Pratama Indonesia, Pertamina’s subsidiary engaged in insurance, he said.
He said, if there is an accident such as fire, then the course should be investigated first whether the fire was caused by three kilogram LPG cylinder or not.
After no results from the police investigation which confirmed that the fire was caused by three kilogram LPG cylinder, then turn to an insurance clerk who would calculate keruigian, he said.
Although no mechanism has been providing insurance, the Pertamina according to him, hoping the people continue to use LPG fuel in accordance with safety standards that have been socialized to avoid unwanted accidents.
Compensation process is accompanied by evidence of loss of documents, he said, referring to the systems and procedures for the settlement of claims LPG conversion.
Systems and procedures such as the following claims. First, Pertamina LPG receiving reports of an accident and subsequently reported to the insurance.
Currently, the program for kerosene to gas in South awaiting material from the center. According Rosinah, there are still approximately nine districts that have not been assigned to three kilograms of LPG, ie Tanah Toraja, Toraja North, East Luwu, North Luwu, Palopo, Pinrang, Enrekang, Mamuju, and Selayar.


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