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entrepreneurs make a letter to the President, rejects increase in electric

Posted on: Mei 25, 2010

Entrepreneurs who are members of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) and through a number of union workers reject the basic electricity rate increase plan (TDL), which will take effect next July.

Chairman of the National Leadership Council (DPN) Apindo, Hasanuddin Rachman said the plan was determined to suppress the increase in TDL business world in doing the production.

“In the end collision will occur between businesses and workers because employers have been forced to pay or even the number of workers,” Hasanuddin said in Jakarta on Monday (24 / 5), released Kompas.com.

According Alfon Sidabutar of All Indonesian Workers Union (SPSI), the government should review the plan.

“We do not support the plan rather than the economic growth of seven percent. But with the TDL rose 10-15 percent, it would be counterproductive because it could not offset the costs of production, “says Alfon.

Currently, among employers and workers who are members of the Working Committee of the National Tripartite Cooperation Institution (BLM BP Tripnas) will deliver a letter to President Yudhoyono to express rejection of the planned increase in TDL.

Letter to the President was signed by 13 representatives of employers and workers organizations, such as Apindo, SPSI, and unions of SOEs.

Java Apindo Chairman Alim Markus said the entrepreneurs actually do not mind if the increase of the maximum 10 percent. “Now we dare PLN. We accept the increase in electricity tariff. Origin is also no guarantee there’s no blackout, “said Alim, Monday (24 / 5).

According to him, the industry will experience a greater loss if the power outage is often done because it involves the production machinery and production sustainability.

“If electricity can not guarantee there should be a penalty, or free consumers pay. This is equivalent to buying and selling in the business, “stated Alim


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