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Craftsmen Akar Layung Sari

Posted on: Mei 25, 2010

None of rattan, roots were so. This adage seems appropriate to be used to describe the creative crafters who use the root wood furniture as its main raw material. Apparently, the craft has a higher economic value than the furniture made of wood.

Made of wood carving handicraft production Ardana, 49, arguably unique. Raw materials made from wood which is usually root for firewood. By a man who lived in The Village Kepuharjo, District Lumajang Lumajang this, the root timber that looks do not rule it turned into high-value artwork.
Wood carving products bonggolan South Trujuk Banjar man origin, district of Tabanan, Tabanan, Bali, has not be calculated with a finger. Results of his work has spread from Jakarta, Surabaya, some cities in Sumatra and Kalimantan, to East Indonesia.
“I do not, we do not export. The buyers are still people here, “I Made, when found in the ‘simple workshop’nya, last week.
Made Ardana said, to form a product that’s slick, it takes some time and should have special expertise. Problem one is, the guy who just graduated elementary school, admits, has been honing his skills with the poor across Java and Bali.
“But, that alone is not enough. Primary key, all the craftsmen carving required to have the patience and forbearance, “said Ketut Made Ardana who married Maryati, and has decided to stay in Lumajang with their two children.
Now, day-to-day with four employees, he poured his skill at juggling the root timber ‘workshop’ his simple building with a buffer in the form of wood and plastic sheeting roof. Although only acting in the city six months of this banana, wood carving works have been displayed at the residence bonggolannya officials and businessmen.
Among the craft that was completed, Made confess, shapes and motifs carved in Bali was not affected. According to him, in memola a stump of wood, depending on customer demand.
“Whatever their message, yes we are working on. Yesterday there was a message on my statue of Ganesh and inter to his home. If this bird, members of the police who book, “Made of light, which have an initial capital of the business of selling his motorcycle.
In determining the pattern will be worked out, Made said, should seek bonggolan which can be formed according to customer demand. If they order a bird, he sought bonggolan that looks like a bird.
“We never embroidered patch. If it’s the wood like that, yes we do what it is. Our motive was adjusted with the form of raw materials, though large and long enough, “said Made.
With barely enough capital, Made confess, for the raw materials he still hung from the customer. “The money from which to kulaks wood. Yes buyer who brought his own, “she revealed.
Until recently, he has not had the courage raise capital by borrowing money from banks. In fact, assistance from the Pemkab Lumajang he had never received. “Employees of the district government was here, asked his pants. But, until now I can not help, “he explained.

In addition to opening a business in front of his residence, he also founded Sanggar Carve Layung named Sari. Through sanggarnya, Made open the door for anyone who want to deepen carving craft.
“Monggo if you want to learn, free kok. I’ll give you all the skills I have. If it can, let’s open a business. I do not fear they will become competitors. Existing provision governing it, “said Made, which rely on the Internet to market their facilities thanks to the help of his colleague Bambang Sukamto, junior high school teachers push the collective efficiency.
Unfortunately, the works produced by Studio Layung Sari can not be enjoyed by middle to lower economic circles, because it is relatively expensive. For a work, Made peg the lowest range of Rp 4 million. “Depending mas, minimal Rp 4 million. Yesterday, I worked on the statue of Ganesha worth USD 50 million, “concluded Made.

source: http://www.suryaonline.com


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