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Business License In unplug when not wearing Indonesian

Posted on: Mei 25, 2010

Ministry of Commerce did not fool around with the rules regarding “Mandatory Label Indonesian Language” for goods that circulate in Indonesia. Rules that will apply from 1 September 2010 This applies both to imported goods or for goods produced domestically.

Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu said the business operators who violate this rule will be subject to administrative sanctions such as revocation of business licenses.

“For the labeling of imported goods imposed since the goods entering the customs area, while for domestic production of goods labeling applied when the goods will be circulated in the market,” Pangestu said in a press release here on Monday (5/25/2010).

According to Mari, stern action against offenders will be charged because his party is committed to provide assurance to consumers to obtain the right to truthful information and honest about the condition and guarantee items to be used.

“This regulation is a general rule applicable in almost every country in the world, and did not violate the rules and the existing international rules,” he said.

Mari explained, at least the label must include a description or explanation of products and business identity, while for items related to health, safety, security and environment (K3) must contain information regarding the symbol of danger, caution statement, and / or a clear warning .

Mari Pangestu further explained that the obligation in Bahasa Indonesian labeling does not apply to goods which are sold bulk and packaged directly in front of consumers, as well as goods produced domestically and imported goods used as raw materials or other auxiliary materials in production processes.

The mechanism to obtain the Certificate of Inclusion in Indonesian Language Label is very easy, which is addressed to the Director of the Supply of Goods and Services Supervision Ministry of Trade and finished at the latest within five working days and is free of charge.


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