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How to deal with the Creating Customer Headache Head

Posted on: Januari 5, 2010

It is facing complaints from customers are making furious and a little upset the customer service representative or us as employees. If we know how to set up complaint from the customer, will be something work lho yg mengasikan not slasher scary. His philosophy is:
Do not argue or defend themselves, but together with our customers solving the problem.

Here I’ll help you guys who have difficulty dealing with customers.
Be calm and relaxed. Not dealing with the nature of customer defensive and stubborn. Be open and receiving, customer is the main priority in our business.

Listen to any complaints with patience and full attention to customer complaints. Do not argue or complain they argue. They interrupt will only lead to anger. Do not be afraid when they are angry. He is angry not with you but with the company and the person concerned. customers only need opinions heard, needs people to understand the problem and the reply is no solution.

Provide solutions. After they told permasalahnnya then say that you are providing a solution as quickly as possible and immediately take action (if you do not know jawwbannya). So you can consult with people associated with it so you can better understand the problem and you still have time to cool the atmosphere. One thing yg must not promise a thing that we are not necessarily the solution or we can not necessarily do. Because the customer wants is not a possibility but a certainty.

Do not wash their hands of the problem or blame the other, even though your staff are not liable for negligence resulting in customer complaints. Because the eyes of your customers is part of a reasonable company responsible for the mistakes of other firms.

After venting his frustration, customers will subside own. At that point, you have to show ‘real business’ which in accordance with its your job to help customers solve the problem for example by noting the name, address and customer complaints and other related complaints. Inform repair his complaint after you get assurance from the officers responsible for the repairs.


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