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a note from the marketing of products / services Banking

Posted on: Desember 15, 2009

we must have known Marketing Mix, the marketing mix consisting of 4 P: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Service companies added to P 2 again, namely: People and Process.

a. Application of the Marketing Mix on Bank Products and Services
A discussion on the implementation of the marketing mix of banking products and services can be seen as follows:
1.Product. What is important to be considered in the design of products and services the Bank is accompanying attributes, such as: systems, procedures and services. Design products and services, the Bank is also considering matters relating to the size shape, and quality.
2.Price. Understanding the price of the Bank’s products and services, in the form of counterintelligence accomplishments in the form of interest rates, both for savings and loan products, as well as fees for banking services.
3.Promotion. Promotion activities in the Bank’s products and services are generally carried out through advertising in mass media, or television. The concept of overall promotional activities including advertising, sales promotion, public relations, sales Trainning, marketing research & development.
4.Place. Also called distribution channel. Distribution channels of products and services the Bank, a Branch Office, which directly provide products and services offered. With the advance of technology, distribution channels can be made through telecommunication channels such as telephone and Internet networks.
5.People. Characteristic of the bank’s business is the dominant element of his personal approach, both from the front office, back office up to managerial level. Bank workers are required to serve customers optimally.
6.Process. Include systems and procedures, including requirements or conditions imposed by the Bank of Bank products and services. Systems and procedures will reflect the assessment, whether fast or slow service. In general, more customers are enjoying the fast process, although the Bank will cause a higher risk. The use of appropriate technology and vibrant creativity necessary for a process that quickly but safely.
b. Marketing products and services using the Triangle Bank Marketing.
In the marketing of products and services the Bank, the Bank trying to satisfy its customers, so as not to turn to competitors. In the marketing concept of banking products and services, the technical term is Triangle Marketing, which includes a variety of marketing activities, the other one and interact optimally.
Marketing activities interact with each other grouped into three, namely:
Internal Marketing (IM)
External Marketing (EM) and
Interactive Marketing (ITM)
Internal Marketing is a line that connects between the employee and the Bank. In order to market the Bank’s products, the Bank should not forget their employees, they should be given to the socialization of the Bank’s products and services, what can be marketed to customers. Thus employees can understand all the products and services offered by his bank, and can help provide information to the customer if necessary.
External Marketing is a line that connects the customer with the Bank. Direct relationship between the customer and the Bank in general through the front office staff or Customer Service. Here, the front office staff will try to give an explanation of the Bank prosuk and services in detail. Success or failure of customers to buy products and services, banks, would be influenced by the service officers in the ranks of the front office.
Interactive Marketing, is a linking line between the employee and the customer (the customer). Here employee or employees, must understand the Bank’s products and its services, in order to participate and assist in marketing programs, and explain the interesting and correct if there is an outside party or customer who wants to know the Bank’s products and services in the employee had worked. Imagine if a customer wants to try products and services the Bank, and asked the employees who worked at the bank, but the employee instead of a negative effect, of course customers will not buy products and services the Bank in the Bank.
The third concept is a unity that can not stand alone, and interlinked with one another, so there excellent service to achieve the goal of maintaining and attract customers.
c. Based marketing environment
Relationship-based marketing, not only prolong the period associated with the customer in the Bank, but also increase customer assets invested in the bank concerned.
Increasingly tight competition in the marketing of banking products and services, need to focus marketing efforts in order to retain old customers, cross selling (selling cross), to obtain additional assets invested in the bank.


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