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Strwaberry can Press Cancer Risk and Heart Disease

Posted on: November 13, 2009

Apparently a lot of benefit strawbery. Many benefits provided by red fruit and sweet.
Phytonutrients of the fruit content of strawberry rich in phenols, phenol content of anthocyanins and ellagitanin not only cause a red strawberry but also rich in antioxidants so good for the heart, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory, too.

Ellagitanin themselves are often said to reduce the risk of cancer, because with regular eating strawberries may reduce cancer risk as much as three-fold.
Content of vitamin C in strawberry itself can not be underestimated. individuals who eat the fruit that contains a little vitamin C will experience arthritis more often than not.

So how do we consume? It turned out to consume in a fresh new cut and better for our bodies. Wash out the way and keep the temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, and do not be consumed more than 6 days because the vitamin C content would be reduced 5%. For a varied diet, consume with vegetables so that a fruit salad. Occasionally, make strawberry juice.
There’s a lot of advantages, why not start from now we start to eat the fruit that contains vitamin C every day.


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